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Here are February recommendations from OSU Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Department

Feb 09, 2017

​Use the link below to see what OSU says you should be working on in February! Have fun the season is almost here!

Proper watering for your turf grass lawn

Apr 03, 2016

Irrigation Watering is one of the most often misunderstood aspects of turfgrass culture. Often, watering on turf areas is too frequent and too light. Frequent, shallow watering encourages shallow rooting, soil compaction, thatch accumulation, and weed seed germination. Ideally, turf should not be irrigated on a regular schedule but on one that is determined by need. An irrigation program cannot be developed to fit every location due to 1) dissimilar water holding capacities of different soil types found in Oklahoma, 2) weekly fluctuations in temperature, humidity, wind, and precipitation, and 3) the influence of management practices, such as mowing and fertilization on turfgrass...

Spring Lawn Care Tips for Do-It-Yourselfers

Mar 20, 2014

We know that there are some of you who like to get outside and take care of your own lawn, and that’s great! There is just something about the smell of fresh cut grass… Here at M&M we have several customers that use our services only while they are away on vacation, and we are glad to help keep those yards looking great during those short-term times. We are here to help! So, for you “do-it-yourselfers”, here are some tips to help get your lawn looking great! 1. Cleaning and Repairing Your Lawn in Spring One common problem...

It's Springtime!

Mar 17, 2014

​Well, it’s that time of year again… The temperatures are warming up, the days are getting longer, and the grass will soon be turning green. Be sure to get things prepared so that your lawn can be healthy this season. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get that pre-emergent down to keep weeds from germinating in your lawn. Keep an eye on moisture. Hopefully, we will get nice amounts of slow rain, rather than the floods we sometimes have, but if we don’t be sure to give your lawn some moisture to get things off...

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